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We passionately provide quality, original, artistic and thoughtful music, sound design, voiceovers and implementation (WWISE / Unreal / Unity) for game developers of any size (AAA, casual, social, VR and mobile.) We also offer podcast audio and sound support, musical artist production, Foley, film, educational presentations and music lessons, television and live audio services. Inquire within!

We create music and design sound that stands alone as a worthy contribution to art and aural enjoyment and will elevate your project. We strive for constant improvement, excellence and understanding internally and throughout the industry.

Our YouTube channel focuses on piano performances of retro game tunes, vocal classical music, hilighting our artists, and presentations sharing tips and tricks for composition, sound design, and navigating business.

Feel free to read about our services & awards and reviews we have received.

Musical Artists

Please visit the artist page to learn more about our musicians and voice talent.

Administrative Staff

Aaron Walz

Owner & Lead Composer & Sound Designer

Aaron M. Walz, is a composer, senior sound designer and audio producer for mobile, social, VR, AAA and casual games, podcasts, musical artists and more. He drives Walz Music & Sound and has been in-house at Riot Games, Telltale Games, Cryptic Studios and Kabam. He wrote the theme song for Ravenwood Fair (John Romero project), and is the composer of the RPG series Aveyond. In addition to audio creation, Aaron is also skilled with implementation and middleware within Unreal, Unity and other engines.

Aaron has received several awards for his work including “Best Game” at Microsoft’s Independent Games Festival and Game Tunnel’s “Best Sound”. Ravenwood Fair was also nominated for Best Audio at the GDC Online Awards.

Additionally, Aaron does public speaking and lectures, private lessons, podcast audio and sound, and sings and records with several projects. His biggest influences are the great Japanese game composers, as well as Italian and French classical composers. He also enjoys tennis and triathlon.

Read more about Aaron on the Artists Page

Cynthia Varady

Business Development Manager

Cyndi is a first generation Californian. She is a graduate of Sonoma State University where she received her BA in English Literature. In May of 2012, she received a masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. Cyndi has voiced numerous characters for Walz Music including Stella from Aveyond 3, and Merchant May and Lily from Dragon Nest.

Matthew A. Dalton

Production Assistant

Matthew enjoys taking things apart, even when they're in good repair, in order to try and figure out how they work. He can sometimes be found putting things together, though not in their original form. He's been an engineering intern at Make Labs, and has worked for Instructables as their Community Manager. He is currently working towards a masters degreen in Interactive Art and Design from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Matthew is also the voice of Galahad from Aveyond 3.

Julie Casson

Visual Designer

Julie Casson is a talented physical and digital artist and an organized project manager. She works at Viz Media, creating all their online design collateral, and maintaining their online communities and communication. She has been involved with Walz Music & Sound from the beginning, helping to choose virtually all visual artistic decisions, including the company colors and even created our first logo.

Michael Chan

Sound Engineer, Trumpet, Piano, International Relations

Michael Chan is Chinese-American, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. He has lived and worked in Japan since 2001.

He is an IT professional doing development at a consulting firm in Tokyo. In addition, he is a sound engineer for a local non-profit organization as well as for Walz Music & Sound. His weapons of choice are a D-Show board, Venue software and ProTools.

An incredible asset to our team, as he is fluent in Japanese and is himself a die-hard lover of almost all games, as well as being a proficient player of piano and trumpet. He is able to represent us and accomplish work on our behalf in Japan, for the video game Shangri-La.

His favorite music is of course game music, and classical music.

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He is organized, consistent, and plays well with others. His songs never go out of style.

- Amanda Fitch

Aaron has a great attitude. He is an experienced developer that brings great energy into meetings, and he has the ability to remain calm even during stressful development periods.

- Craig Deskins, Riot Games

His enthusiasm for his craft was infectious, his direction and vision clear/well articulated and his feedback prompt and constructive.

- Richard Thompson, Riot Games

Aaron is a joy to work with, always bringing an optimistic attitude to any discussion. Aaron's organizational skills are commendable, as he is incredibly focused on execution and ensuring that projects are completed on time and to the highest standard.

- Allen Song, Riot Games

He cares and manages people with great empathy and patience. He creates a safe and joyful environment where a designer can be fully inspired and creative.

- Gahyae Ryu, Riot Games

I have only worked with a few dedicated audio managers, but Aaron is at the top of the list of audio people I would love to work with again.

- Scott Howard

His professional and thorough approach to audio storytelling very clearly takes gameplay and narrative experiences to the next level.

- Winter Mullenix

Aaron is a consummate professional. His creative chops and technical skills are extraordinary, he is highly organized and the most exceptionally motivated team member I have had the pleasure to work with.

- Michael Henry

I am astonished by the incredible amount and variety of work he created for Magic Legends as the sole Sound Designer of a large project.

- Jeremy Riccione

Aaron is passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to his craft. Aaron is the type of Sound Designer you dream to work with.

- Ken Rogers

There is a reason why you see so many written recommendations on his page here and it's because, well, everyone loves working with Aaron!

- Jeremy Lecus

Aaron is a rare talent. He is creative, technical, and highly organized. He is also a great communicator, a skill most technical and creative people lack.

- Jason Wolford

All was well-done - perfect organization and great equipment. Great job.

- Speaker at Audio Track

Aaron is both a fantastic composer and an easy person to work with. He delivers great service and proven results.

- Casey Cameron

Aaron consistently delivers high-quality, creative work that has met our needs very well. He is very easy to work with, and always strives to make sure that we are happy with everything he delivers.

- SchoolFeed

Very professional, organized, proactive problem solver, not to mention a great music composer. They don't come any better than Aaron!

- Soundrangers

It was an absolute pleasure working with Aaron. He is a consummate professional with a sparkling personality. Definitely HIGHLY recommended!

- BJ Rowling

Aaron Walz is one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. CGA is very lucky to have him as an advisor.

- Casual Games Association

A very professional and well rounded composer. I would recommend Aaron for any type of music related opportunity as he is as versatile as he is charming.

- Raj Ramayya

Aaron is very responsible, action-oriented, delivers high-quality results and fun to work with!

- Casual Games Association

Aaron's attention to details, nuances with the voice, and "big picture" observations are unsurpassed. I'm sure many of his clients echo this sentiment.

- Voice Talent

Aaron was a pleasure to work with, offered a good value and was good about changes that are often needed in development. I would recommend Aaron and Walz Music for any job big or small.

- Mean Hamster Studio

Aaron is a very dedicated, creative musical composer. His whole life is music. He is hard-working and sincere in all of his endeavors. His integrity is of the highest caliber.

- Tina Mohn

Aaron understands the importance of affordability and quality. He is resourceful and willing to accept uncharted challenge. Always looking forward to work with him again.

- Cherry Credits / Nexon

Aaron is self-motivated, has passion for his profession, is highly professional, very personable, and provides high-quality content.

- Tennille Forsberg

Aaron Walz is an amazing audio designer, composer, and teammate. I cannot recommend him more highly, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

- Riot Games

I'm incredibly grateful for the work he has done, and I look forward to working with him again someday.

- Stephanie Dee

Aaron’s music is excellent. Aaron never missed a deadline. He is organized, consistent, and plays well with others. Aaron was my go-to person for audio design for over a decade. To this day, I keep his tracks on a playlist. His songs never go out of style. If you have the chance to work with him, do it!

- Amaranth Games

Aaron is a really solid sound designer and dependable audio project lead. He also has a wonderfully positive attitude and picks up technical and esthetic workflows really quickly.

- Michael Kamper

Aaron brought an energy to the team that was both infectious and professional - there's a genuine and undeniable passion that bleeds through his controlled demeanor that raises morale and makes projects enjoyable to work on even in the most difficult of circumstances.

- Chris Rebbert

Aaron's deep knowledge of game audio and attention to detail made him a great asset to the team. His ability to effectively coordinate with other disciplines in the company helped keep everything on track and on time. Add to that an upbeat personality and a fresh, "tell it like it is" transparency and you've got someone you can really count on.

- Kabam

As for the music in the Aveyond series, it was truly absorbing & added so much to the game. Thank you for your work. It is truly appreciated amongst fans of the game.

- Gamevil

He was a pleasure to work with and I was really happy with the final tracks. I highly recommend him.

- The Magic Theatre

Not only is he an amazing composer, but he's a superb educator and facilitator as well!

- Casual Connect

He was professional, reliable, and always delivered on time. Most importantly, he was able to translate our thoughts, ideas and extremely poor voice impressions, into beautifully crafted music for our product.

- AppAnt

Aaron is a total professional who brings creativity, drive, vision, and personal connection to all his work. He is one of those extraordinary people who can bring a serious focus and intensity while making the work environment fun, freed up, and innovative.

- Cotati Philmarmonic

As for the music in the Aveyond series, it was truly absorbing & added so much to the game. Thank you for your work. It is truly appreciated amongst fans of the game.

- Gamevil

"Awesome sound drop! This first milestone has made me extremely excited."

- Sneaky Games

We met only once to discuss the music and in only about three iterations, he was able to nail the tune we were hoping for. We were thoroughly impressed by his work.

- Digital Green

"Yesterday I checked the audio you send me, and I must say that I'm very happy with the result. Great!"

- Jaludo

"Walz Music melodies are the best there are!! Every one I hear gets stuck in my head (in a good way) and everyone I know agrees!"

- Shaun Jensen, Middlemind Games

Epic, that's the single word I would use to describe the soundtrack.

- Cosmos Gaming

Clearly a lot of work went into making the game sound great and it really shows in the finished product.

- Game Plasma

The music. . . makes you really get into the mood of the game so I give it 5/5.

- Reflexive

Wonderful music, sounds that are expertly executed.

- RPGFan

My favorite things about Walz Music are the epic scores, catchy tunes, and decent pricing. It's like Christmas every time I check my inbox.

- Amaranth Games

It's the best music I've heard to date in reviewing titles for Game Tunnel.

- Game Tunnel

Dragon Nest SEA has very good voice overs. I really like some NPCs just because of their voices.

- Fan on Forum

He did an excellent job, as the song can be played infinitely without annoyance - the true test of a great composition.

- John Romero

Last night I found myself humming one of the tunes as I fell asleep

Wonderful music, sounds that are expertly executed

- Quandary Land

- RPGFan