New Post? Whoa! Lots of Voice Overs

Hey all! So my fabulous wonderful Cyndi has really spiffed up the site and this blog, hats off to her! I’m gonna keep everything much fresher with new releases. My apologies for not updating much, but for the last year I’ve been working on several titles at once at all times! Now it’s time to communicate and share all I’ve done.

I’ve especially been doing lots of Mobile Games, and LOADS of voice over projects. The biggest ones are Dragon Nest SEA, Schoolfeed Bingo, and SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online.

I’ve become much more efficient at producing voice overs (working with actors, recording, as well as editing.) I’ve finally really admitted and learned that there is no magic EQ or compression setting. Basically you can start with certain settings you will find through time, but in the end EVERY SINGLE FILE must be edited individually to make sure they are all the same volume and cropped properly, don’t pop or click, etc. This gets especially fun when you deal with Dragon Nest, which contains 1500 voice over files! Wowsers!

Much love to you all. Thanks always for your questions, comments, fanmail, etc. I will see some of you at GDC next week and also Casual Connect in July! And I might just be speaking in Singapore in May as well! BUSY YEAR AHEAD! 🙂