Cryptic Studios - Magic: Legends Various Gameplay Reel

Magic: Legends Gameplay Sound Design Demo & Voiceovers & Music - Aaron Walz, Senior Sound Designer

Featuring a lot of my work from Magic: Legends. Jeff Broadbent was the composer I worked with. I implemented music and sound via Audiokinetic's WWISE Audio Middleware.

Voice Actors:
Vaash: Ellen Dubin
Ral Zarek: Jordan Reynolds
Nani Oula: Lani Minella
Squee: Eric Newsome

Cryptic Studios - Magic: Legends Tutorial Intro Cutscene

From my time working at Cryptic Studios / Perfect World Entertainment. Music was composed by the talented Jeff Broadbent. Edited and implemented by yours truly, as well as the sound design via WWISE middleware by Audiokinetic. Voice actress for Vaash is Ellen Dubin, under the production umbrella of Lani Minella aka AudioGodz. Ral Zarek is performed by Jordan Reynolds. Jason Miller performed the narration.

Script / storytelling / writing / narrative by the AMAZING Winter Mullenix.

Walz Music Audio Demo Reel (Telltale Games Version)

Guardians of the Galaxy:
Sound Designer
Episodes 1 - 5

Minecraft Story Mode:
Lead Sound Designer
Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8
Season 2 Episodes 1 - 4

Credits: Foley, Sound Design, Ambiances, VO & Music Editing

Mixing & Effects: SFX, Ambiances, VO, Music

Mastering: Michael Kamper, Audio Director.

Underworld Empire Trailer, Kabam

Voiceover talent directing, studio recording and editing, sound designer & music editor.

Star Wars Uprising

Responsible for sound design, orchestral recording assistance at Skywalker Sound, voiceover editing, music editing & project management.

Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls

Responsible for music composition, sound design & project management. Hidden object and puzzle game.

Li'l Alchemist

Responsible for all music, vo and sound design. Pokemon style card battle game.

Ravenwood Fair

Responsible for main music theme. Worked with John Romero of Doom and Quake fame. Managed sound design with Game Audio Alliance.

Pixel Whirled

Responsible for music, stingers and some sound design. Chiptunes galore! Retro arcade shooter.

House of 1,000 Doors 2 - The Palm of Zoroaster

Responsible for much of story music including title & intro.

The Moron Test 2

Responsible for all music, vo and sound design. Game content starts at 26 seconds and worth a watch as it is entertaining, including his commentary.

Star Chef

Responsible for all sound.

Yummy Drink Factory

Responsible for all music & sound. Simulation and time management game.


Responsible for all sound, music and implementation. I was the audio director for this branch of Riot Games. Resource management and SIM game.

Backyard Bounce

Responsible for all music & sound.

Brightwood Adventures

Responsible for music and most sound design.

Vegas Nights

Responsible for music, voice overs and sound design.

DragonNest SEA

Responsible for English voice overs.

Aveyond 3: Lord of Twlight

Responsible for voice overs & music composition.