Game Soundtracks & Voice Packs

Walz Music produces official music soundtracks and voiceover acting add-on packs for casual, social, mobile, and console games, some of which can be purchased directly and on iTunes.

"Aveyond Lord of Twilight & Gates of Night Official Soundtrack"

  1. Darkthrop Keep
  2. Overwhelming Memories
  3. Working Up a Sweat
  4. Harburg
  5. Fearful of the Darkness
  6. Aveyond 3 Battle Theme
  7. Thais Town
  8. The Royal Ball
  9. Budding Friendship
  10. Holy Temple
  11. Ghed'ahre
  12. Evil is Brewing
  13. Thais Castle
  14. Moo Hatchery
  15. Chateau Lenore
  16. Gheledon
  17. Waterworks Tower
  18. Aveyond 3 Boss Battle
  19. Stormbend
  20. Witchwood
  21. Quin Ice Castle
  22. Field of Wind (Shortmix)
  23. Sailing to Adventure
  24. Tar Vedron
  25. Dragthor
  26. Venwood
  27. Bazaar
  28. Orc Empire
  29. Faiara
  30. Naylith
  31. Final Confrontation
  32. Moonlit Ending
  33. Victory Fanfare

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Aaron Walz "From Another Shore (Aveyond & Beyond)"

  1. From Another Shore
  2. Welcome to the Shire
  3. Field of Wind
  4. Pegasus
  5. Tavern
  6. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
  7. 12 Tone Mischief
  8. Minuwaltz
  9. Uncomfortable Spirits
  10. Poco Fugato
  11. Sand Sonata
  12. Cold Exchange
  13. The Thoughtful Flute
  14. Swaying Willows
  15. Soul's Respite
  16. Jubilation
  17. Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth
  18. World Trek
  19. I Lost My Lover (Featuring Eva)
  20. Suikoden II Mercenary Fort (Vocal Arrangement)

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Artist Production

Walz Music is actively involved in producing and publishing albums and singles for several talented recording artists and ensembles. This music can be purchased directly through this page as well as several online and retail partners. Most of these releases include songs or themes related to games, anime, or dance music. Other releases feature talent who have contributed to our game audio portfolio.

Rosy Maguina "Only When I'm With You"

  1. Only When I'm With You (Single)

Rosy's sound and lyrics will take you on a journey and stir your soul. She grew up in Peru listening to songs that told a story in a simple way, with a meaning and a message. Rosy is honest and passionate. Every word, each melody, comes from her heart.

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Rosy Maguina "Life Goes On"

  1. Life Goes On (Single)

At the age of 7, Rosy's mom bought her a guitar. Soon after, she taught herself to play and then began composing songs. Rosy's music strikes a chord deep within the heart of the listener.

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Dina Rao "Every Little Piece of Me"

  1. Every Little Piece of Me (Von Fürstenberg Disco Radio Edit)
  2. Every Little Piece of Me (IUUI Mix)
  3. Every Little Piece of Me (Pathos V2 Club Mix)
  4. Every Little Piece of Me (Von Fürstenberg Disco Extended Instrumental)

Dina Rao combines powerful vocals, classic rock sensibilities, and expressive, polished dance production. Her latest single is a collaboration with Croatian songwriters, Walz Music, and mixes by Wolfram Dettki (Amber) and Jesse Maxi Holt of Remixlab.

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Dina Rao "At Last"

  1. Paradise Last Mix
  2. Pathos V2 Mix
  3. Maxi's Dreamification Mix
  4. McLago Radio Mix
  5. Walz Music Acoustic Mix

Dina Rao is a fantastic blues, jazz, soul and rock vocalist who performs at several famous venues in San Francisco. She also contributes her voice and voiceovers to Walz Music. We are pleased to finally release her first commercial recording: Five versions of Etta James' well known tune, "At Last." Remixers include Wolfram Dettki, Denis Curman, Jesse Holt, Nick Hemler, and Aaron Walz. There is also an acoustic mix with Dr. Dee Spencer on piano.

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Teresa "Never Ending Story"

  1. Never Ending Story (nR Element Mix)
  2. Never Ending Story (Italo-Warp Mix)
  3. Never Ending Story (Cusimo & Co. Speedy Mix)
  4. Never Ending Story (Chris Jay Mix)
  5. Never Ending Story (JUSTiNB Mix)
  6. Never Ending Story (Disko Warp Mix)

Who doesn’t love the 80’s classic movie with everyone’s favorite flying fluffy dragon? On July, 2009, you will recall why this title track was such an important part of this film. Originally performed by Limahl, this time Teresa Carney takes the mic and takes you to her Never Ending Story. Talented DJ’s and groups create an all-star lineup and will get everyone in the club dancing for this release: nR Element, Disko Warp Records, Cusimo & Co, Chris Jay & JUSTiNB. A fiery redhead, Teresa Carney is a Leo and born in the year of the dragon, so watch out! You will love her voice and rendition of this song.

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nR Element "Miscommunication"

  1. House Tour
  2. You're Not There
  3. You Never Call Me
  4. Bring Me Down
  5. Olele Olala
  6. Pegasus
  7. Dominus Vobiscum
  8. Adesso e Fortuna
  9. I Will Keep Going
  10. So Curious
  11. The Strength to Tell Me
  12. How to Tell You
  13. The Promised Land
  14. Maybe
  15. Prelude (From Final Fantasy)
  16. I Hate Cellphones

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Morning Star Quartet "Holiday Cheer"

  1. Joy to the World
  2. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
  3. Jingle Bell Rock
  4. Let It Snow
  5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  6. Ring, Christmas Bells
  7. Deck the Hall
  8. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
  9. The First Noel
  10. Mele Kalikimaka
  11. Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer
  12. The Little Drummer Boy
  13. Jingle Bells
  14. The Holly and the Ivy
  15. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
  16. Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella
  17. The Joy of Dance
  18. What Child Is This?
  19. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  20. White Christmas
  21. Silent Night

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Aaron Walz "Recessive Inspiration"

  1. Remembering the Melody
  2. The Strength to Tell Me
  3. The Jellyfish
  4. Lessons of Happiness
  5. Electric Cascade
  6. Forgotten Journeys
  7. Turn Poison into Medicine
  8. Theme of Spades
  9. Unknown Song
  10. Athena's Struggle
  11. Aeolus' Gale
  12. Demeter's Journey
  13. Battle
  14. World Trek
  15. Echoes in Darkness
  16. Defeat
  17. Minuwaltz
  18. Field of Wind
  19. Impatience
  20. From Another Shore
  21. Recessive Inspiration
  22. Crystal Fields
  23. I Will Keep Goin'
  24. Tavern
  25. Aphrodite's Harp
  26. Artemis' Hunt
  27. Hestia's Warmth
  28. Pegasus' Ride
  29. Crucial Battle
  30. Soul's Respite
  31. Final Struggle
  32. Victory

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